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Our publications

Here you will find research reports, fact sheets and other publications that NIKK has produced in collaboration with researchers and writers since 2013.

Publications (38/38)

“He went back into the closet”: Older LGBTI people´s interactions with health and social care in the Nordic countries

2023 ”He went back into the closet”contributes to increased knowledge about the living conditions and quality of life of older LGBTI people, especially in their encounter with health and social care. »

Young men’s mental ill-health in the Nordics

2023 Young men’s mental ill-health in the Nordics highlights current knowledge about young men’s mental health problems by investigating what causes these problems, and their consequences. »

Re-imagining Sexual Harassment – Perspectives from the Nordic Region

2023 In the book Re-imagining Sexual Harassment – Perspectives from the Nordic Region, 19 writers contribute to a deeper understanding of sexual harassment. »

Gender perspective on green jobs in the Nordic region: A collection of results from NIKK 2020–2022

2023 Gender perspective on green jobs in the Nordic region identify links between gender-segregated educational choices and gender segregation in the labour market related to the transition to green jobs. »

10! Ten years of cooperation through the Nordic Gender Equality Fund

2023 In the publication Ten years of cooperation through the Nordic Gender Equality Fund, NIKK presents the experiences, insights and effects of these first ten years of the fund.  »

Climate, Gender and Consumption: a research overview of gender perspectives on sustainable lifestyles

2022 I projektet Hållbarhet, livsstil och konsumtion med genusperspektiv, inom Nordiska ministerrådets program för hållbara livsstilar i Norden, har NIKK (Nordisk information för kunskap om kön) tagit fram en forskningsöversikt för att synliggöra och utmana könsstereotyper i förhållande till konsumtion och livsstil, och bidra till en bättre förståelse för hur skillnader uppstår, förstärks och reproduceras. »

Towards a sustainable future world of work in the Nordic countries – The gender perspective on the opportunities and challenges

2022 Nordic labour markets and the world of work are facing a variety of challeng­es, including challenges emanating from technological change, demo­graphic shifts and regional differences. How knowledge, learning and education, and the logics of governance are viewed have all changed. This knowledge base describes these changes and focuses on three challenges for a sustainable world »

Vocational education and training in the Nordic countries – Knowledge and interventions to combat gender segregation

2022 In the Nordic countries, both education and the labour market are strongly gendersegregated. This segregation is both vertical and horizontal, meaning that women are found in different courses and study programmes and sectors of the labour market than men, and also find themselves in different positions in the hierarchies of education systems and working life. »

Hate crimes targeting LGBTI people in the Nordic countries: A survey of strategies, methods and initiatives

2021 Many LGBTI people in the Nordic countries today experience violence, hate speech, threats and harassment in various forms. This is serious, especially since these crimes are often motivated by hatred of individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. But the Nordic countries are also working to develop long-term policies to improve this situation. As »

Health, well-being and life conditions of young LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries

2021 Despite the fact that life conditions of LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries have changed in the last seventy years, major public health surveys indicate that this group suffers from an increased amount of mental and physical health issues compared to the rest of the population. Younger generations of LGBTI persons see their lives affected, »