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Here you will find research reports, fact sheets and other publications that NIKK has produced in collaboration with researchers and writers since 2013.

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Fact sheet: Shared and paid parental leave

2018 Nordic fathers take more parental leave than fathers anywhere else in the world. »

Fact sheet: Flexible work arrangements

2018 The Nordic countries have a strong tradition of collective bargaining, which has resulted in relatively good working conditions, flexible working hours and the right to paid vacation. »

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Fact sheet: Leadership and equal opportunities at work

2018 Equal opportunities in the workplace have been high on the Nordic political agenda since the 1970s. Many initiatives have been launched to ensure women and men’s equal opportunities at work and for leadership at all levels. Today the Nordic region stands tall in international rankings on gender equality at work. »

Fact sheet: Subsidised childcare for all

2018 The introduction of quality, affordable childcare is a key reason so many women are in paid employment in the Nordic countries. Subsidised childcare for all A distinctive feature of Nordic childcare is that it is available to all children – regardless of family structure, finances and parents’ employment. Childcare in the Nordic region is provided »

One year after Me Too: Initiatives and action in the Nordic and Baltic countries

2018 This survey highlights initiatives and action taken by the Nordic and Baltic countries to deal with and prevent sexual harassment in the wake of the Me Too movement. The survey was developed on the initiative of the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2018. It highlights initiatives and action taken by the »

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The Nordic gender effect at work

2019 The Nordic Gender Effect at Work briefs share the collective Nordic experience in investing in gender equality including parental leave, childcare, flexible work arrangements, leadership and equal opportunities at work, and seek to make further progress through cooperation. »

Online hate speech

2017 The study of legal regulation of online hate speech in the Nordic countries was carried out by Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) at the request of the Nordic Council of Ministers. »

Fact sheet: Who gets to speak their mind in the Nordic countries?

2017 How can the public sphere become a place for everyone? »

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Part-time work in the Nordic region III

2016 This third report is an introductory study to part-time work and gender in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland Islands. »

Fact sheet: Why dads take parental leave

2016 This factsheet from NIKK explains what the parental insurance system looks like in the Nordic countries and how its design affects fathers’ use of it. »

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