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Nordic knowledge on sexual harassment:
a pilot study

The need for more knowledge about gender-based harassment in the workplace, and about sustainable ways to combat the problem, is great in the Nordic countries. Inquiries and surveys have previously been initiated in the individual countries, but there has been no common Nordic picture. On assignment from the Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality, in this project NIKK identified gaps in knowledge about sexual harassment in the workplace. In the light of the survey, NIKK produced proposals on how a Nordic research initiative could be designed to address these knowledge gaps.

Based on this, the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality decided to finance a Nordic research initiative, which was intended to help increase knowledge about sexual harassment in the workplace based on the preliminary study’s proposals, and provide a basis for future initiatives to combat sexual harassment. The working life and cultural policy areas as well as Nordic Child and Youth Committee) within the Nordic Council of Ministers also decided to participate in the research initiative.

The project resulted in the publication Sexually harassed at work – an overview of the research in the Nordic countries. and a proposal for the design of a cross-sectoral three-year research initiative.

Project timespan

Commissioned by
Nordic Council of Ministers

Susanna Young Håkansson

Project budget
500 000 DKK