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Gender-segregated vocational education in the Nordic countries

In order to help break down the gender segregation in vocational education programmes in the Nordic countries, NIKK was given the task of gather knowledge about the problem in a study of the Nordic countries. The study aimed to provide examples of how this work is being done in the Nordic countries. The study was an initiative of the Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers from 2020.  

The report entitled Vocational education and training in the Nordic countries – Knowledge and interventions to combat gender segregation describes the state of knowledge and the education systems in the Nordic countries. It also provides examples of interventions aiming to break patterns of gender segregation in VET programmes in the Nordic countries. The final part of the report analyses each of its parts and presents recommendations and overall reflections on what needs to be taken into account in future work for change.  The report shows that many of these interventions to counter gender segregation aim to encourage the under-represented sex to choose differently. However, few of them focus on the gender coding that exists and is reproduced in VET programmes and in the workplaces associated with them.  

The study has garnered interest from national authorities working in the area, and was presented to the Swedish Agency for Education, for example. In order to communicate the results of the project, in cooperation with the Nordic Institute for Advanced  Training in Occupational Health (NIVA), NIKK conducted a webinar with the title Combating gender segregation in education and labour markets.

Project timespan

Commissioned by
Nordic Council of Ministers

Elin Engström and Angelica Simonsson

Project budget
290 000 DKK