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Trans people’s working life conditions in the Nordic region

Research shows that transgender people face a variety of barriers in life. Trans people experience more unwanted loneliness and are particularly vulnerable to violence and harassment. Research also shows that a higher proportion of young transgender people have been long-term unemployed and are dissatisfied with their situation in school and employment, compared to cisgender people.

At the same time, recent years have seen setbacks in the living conditions of LGBTI people both in the Nordic region and globally, with transgender people particularly hard hit. This has been recognised by the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality, who have adopted a plan to counteract the negative developments. The aim of this project is to make the living conditions of transgender people in the Nordic countries visible, with a focus on the world of work, in order to enable dialogue, identify needs and measures for improvement.

National studies on the working conditions of trans people have different focuses and areas, but together they can provide a clearer picture of the working conditions of trans people in the Nordic countries. By bringing together the results, the project contributes to filling knowledge gaps and thus to Nordic benefit. This project will therefore:

  • compile and make existing knowledge available
  • organise discussions with national stakeholders to identify needs and propose measures to improve the working conditions of trans people in the Nordic countries
  • communicate existing knowledge and conclusions of conversations held.

Project time span

Commissioned by
Nordic Council of Ministers

Susanna Young Håkansson

Project budget
600 000 DKK