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Network gathering for experience exchange among queers in Sápmi 

Through the project, a network gathering for experience exchange and organizational development among queers in Sápmi was organised. The goal was to strengthen the queer Sami organization and, in that way, creating more and better meeting places for the whole of Sápmi. In the long run, more meeting places and a stronger queer Sami organization will contribute to more openness and knowledge, both among queer Sami, but also among the general population. 

The network gathering gathered participants from the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian sides, and had two main purposes: 

  • To gather and exchange experiences among queer communities across Sápmi, and talk about the way forward for the queer Sámi organization, as well as to plan future meeting places 
  • Organizational development through getting to know the organizational processes from the various parts of Sápmi and skills development in practical-organizational work 

Updated 16 January 2023