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Post 2015 – What happens next?

In the year 2000, the leaders of the world ratified the UN’s eight Millennium Development Goals with an aim to reduce global poverty by half in the 15-year period that followed.

The purpose of this project was to promote a Nordic dialogue on the most important future challenges in 2014. By arranging a seminar on the UN Millennium Goals at the Nordic Forum in Malmö, UN Women wanted to bring attention to the fact that poverty affects certain groups more than others.

Since 70 per cent of all people below the absolute poverty line are women, the gender equality perspective must be made a central aspect of the world’s work to reduce poverty. The seminar about Post 2015 at the Nordic Forum contributed to increasing the knowledge about the topic among representatives from the UN’s women’s committees, who could bring their new knowledge to their respective national governments for continued work to make a difference. One issue that was agreed upon is that violence against women as well as women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights are of particular importance in this work.

Updated 21 November 2019