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BioEquality – gender equality in the Nordic bioeconomy: a method manual

The forestry and agriculture sectors are important parts of the Nordic bioeconomy, but are two of the Nordic region’s most gender-segregated sectors. Digitalisation and increased automation of heavy work could benefit gender equality in the sectors. However, this has not yet happened.

The project will examine how the digital transformation affects gender equality among young people in the Nordic bioeconomy and how digital development can promote gender equality. The project is expected to provide a deeper understanding of how the gender equality perspective can be integrated among both academia and business, as well as giving us a method manual for an equal everyday life for the future employees in the bioeconomy.

The project includes Nordic Forest Research, Nordic Committee for Agricultural and Food Research, Skógarkonur, University of Eastern Finland, Research Council of Norway, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Norway, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Finland, The Federation of Swedish Farmers, Ålands Hushållningssällskap, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, University of Copenhagen and ten student representatives from universities in the Nordic Countries.

Latest updated 9 March 2021