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Co-creating gender equality from classroom to organization: Innovations in Nordic welfare

The project brought together a diverse set of stakeholders in three Nordic countries to participate in an exploratory co-creative workshop combining three interrelated topics: T1 Gender-influenced educational choices by young people, T2 Problems due to norms of masculinity in leadership, T3 Gendered organizational norms.

After a initial period of methodology development between the three partner teams, three workshops will took place in succession in three Nordic locations, namely Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. The workshops included business and academic leaders, educators, managers, students, volunteers, NGOs, educational institutions, and youth/student organisations, allowing them to discuss the topics in one shared forum as well as co-create solutions to these issues. Using the workshops as data, the research team analysed the insights to synthesize outcomes, i.e. policy and action strategies, and methods for addressing such organizational challenges in a Nordic context.

Results from the project is available on the digital platform:

Updated 2 August 2021