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Equal pensions – sustainable welfare systems

The project maps and evaluates the pension systems in the Nordic countries, to see how they impact equality. The results will be collated in a report, together with suggestions for improvement. The report will be presented at a Nordic summit meeting on equal pensions and disseminated to relevant Nordic target groups in several ways. Parallel to the project, an information campaign will be carried out, aimed at young people in the Nordic countries. The campaign highlights how life choices affect a future pension.

The project seeks to increase knowledge about how the design of pension systems in the Nordic countries affect economic equality between women and men. This knowledge is vital in making future pension reforms fair and sustainable. It will also reinforce the trust in the mutually financed welfare systems of the Nordic countries.

The project creates opportunities for exchange of experience between women’s organisations and decision makers in the Nordic countries, which furthers the Nordic collaboration as well as the organisation of the Nordic women’s movement.

Updated 31 January 2023