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New Nordic Narratives – changing our future story landscape 

New Nordic Narratives is a hands-on, think-tank-inspired seminar, research and development process designed to solidify new networks and bring sustainable change by identifying the best actions and methods to rethink and transform key issues of representation, gender equality and sustainability across the Nordic film- & tv industry landscape.  

By allowing uncomfortable truths to be addressed in a safe space of equal exchange, New Nordic Narratives turns perceived challenges and obstacles into resources, foresight and cultural resilience. A proactive 360-degree lab process will transform “problems” into opportunities, as diverse viewpoints and voices will inspire a much-needed value shift.

New Nordic Narratives expects concrete results in individual empowerment, shareable, innovative work methods, and structural change for key decision-making organisations that will strengthen the economic power and audience relevance of Nordic storytelling in a regional and international market.

Updated 16 January 2023