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Nordic cooperation in equality work with a focus on masculinity

The project deepened the Nordic cooperation within methods, material development and networking within gender equality work with a focus on masculinity.

Through a two-day inter-Nordic meeting on arranged by Ekvalita and DareGender worked on method and material development to support work within the Nordic nations on a broad front.

20 representatives from various organisations that already carry out important work relating to masculinity around the Nordic region were invited. The project carryined out concrete and dynamic work in connection with issues such as violence, models for bringing up young people, sex education and discussions on pornography and masculinity.

Extremely valuable work is already being carried out in the Nordic region to create a more empathic, responsible and mature model for manliness, and the project brought this work to new levels within the Nordic nations.

More information is available in the Material and Methodology Bank

Updated 13 August 2021