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Nordic network for queer history archives and activities

The aim of this project is to create a network of queer history archives and activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries and to promote the sharing of experience and knowledge and to explore opportunities for partnership, infrastructure solutions, and financial conditions. The network’s partners in Sweden, Finland and Norway have different competences and will use these to conduct their individual seminar days and network gatherings. The seminars will invite queer archives, researchers, cultural heritage professionals and artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries to share experience and knowledge, for development and for partnerships. The network will challenge previous marginalising historiography in the Nordic countries, broaden interest in queer history in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and contribute to a more inclusive view of history. The work to change this view will be communicated through an open digital platform where activities and discussions will be documented and made accessible, and include links to the different LHBTQ archives and history activities.

Updated 16 January 2023