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Recognising Sexual Violence: Developing Pathways to Survivor-Centred Justice

In the political imaginary, the meaning of justice in cases of sexual violence is usually equated with criminal justice. However, research shows that justice for survivors of sexual violence is a more nuanced and complex phenomenon. Taking survivor-centred justice seriously demands the rethinking of different justice mechanisms and the creation of different political, social and legal pathways to justice. To address the “justice deficit” in cases of sexual violence the conference explored alternative approaches to justice as part of efforts to hold the state and offenders to account.

The conference was open to all and consisted of five panels exploring the topic across different themes and regions with a particular emphasis on the Nordic context. A special Nordic workshop was also held parallel to the conference. Results include further collaboration between researchers on the topic as well as video recordings from the conference for public dissemination.

Updated 16 January 2023