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Research-based knowledge to combat sexual harassment and bullying among children and young people

The project aimed to increasing research-based sexual harassment knowledge within organisations working to combat bullying in the Nordic region and Lithuania, and within their target groups.

The main activities was networking meetings and sharing and disseminating research-based methods through a one-day conference for the partners’ target groups and a report highlighting the knowledge gained within the project, as well as methods and tools such as:

  • Tools for mapping sexual harassment at school,
  • Initiatives to change the school climate and unsafe places,
  • Initiatives to combat sexual harassment and exploitation online,
  • Knowledge about body image and pornography, and
  • An action plan course to combat sexual harassment.

The project was designed to share knowledge between the main anti-bullying organisations in the Nordic region and neighbouring Lithuania, and to disseminate effective methods to prevent sexual harassment. All the parties involved contributed via their specific competences and perspectives, and involved experts.

The results are summarised in the report Sexual harassment and Bullying in the Nordic Region.

Updated 14 February 2024