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Sexual Harassment in Tourism and Hospitality:  Using the past and present to inform the future

This interdisciplinary project takes an intersectional approach to address concerns about the lack of prevention and intervention strategies within the tourism and hospitality sectors in the Nordic countries. The project will utilise practice-based research activities in collaboration with working life actors in Iceland, Norway and Sweden to try and answer three research questions:

  • How have working life actors worked on prevention of sexual harassment in tourism and hospitality workplaces
  • What are definitions of sexual harassment in the tourism and hospitality sector across different Nordic contexts
  • How can understanding past/current trans-Nordic approaches to sexual harassment provide opportunities that lead to active prevention strategies for sexual harassment in tourism and hospitality workspaces? 

Through close examination of industry documents (reports, policies, campaign and marketing materials) and collaborative workshops with working life actors, this project will provide the Nordic tourism and hospitality sector with relevant, current knowledge that aims to inform future industry preventative and interventional activities.

Updated 17 March 2022