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Women in Nordic film history

In this project, coordinated by Stockholm University, research and memory institutions collaborated in approaching the history of Nordic film cultures with a revisionist perspective. The Swedish Film Institute’s website ‘Nordic Women in Film’ was launched in April 2016 with the explicit aim of ”re-writing the history of moving pictures in the Nordic region from a feminist point of view, beginning in Sweden”.

From the start, the site only featured articles on women in Swedish film, but through this project, where two Swedish institutions (Stockholm University and the Swedish Film Institute) joined forces with Norway’s National Library and the Danish University of Copenhagen, has become a platform for complementing existing accounts of Norwegian and Danish film history.

The website is now Nordic, but has also become more research based with the inclusion of material from researchers within cinematography.

The project has helped distributing knowledge about women’s contribution to the film industry in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Nordic collaboration has helped bringing forward details easily forgotten in the recording of national film history; among others the site includes information in several different languages and with several different perspecives on female film crew, active in more than one Nordic country. One example is the Danish script writer Harriet Bloch, another one is the Norwegian actress and film maker Liv Ullmann.

Updated 6 April 2022