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Young parents, parental leave and gender equality

The project will produce a Nordic overview of on the socio-economic patterns and cultural aspects of parental leave take-up by young parents under 30 years of age, as well as the consequences of these patterns for gender equality in the labour market and in family life. The project will indicate risks of marginalisation of young mothers and fathers, and map how parental leave policies in the various countries are addressing the situation.

An overview report will be produced with research findings and statistics from each country. The results will be disseminated in a seminar. Youth and student NGOs are invited to participate in the gathering of information for the report, as well as in the discussion of the results in the seminar.

Based on the findings of the overview, a research article will be prepared to be published in a scientific journal. The overview is also expected to lead to further applications to produce new research on the take-up and consequences of parental leave by young people.

The project will provide a more nuanced, age-specific understanding of the possibilities and obstacles of gender equality among young parents in the Nordic countries. The similarities and differences in different countries provide valuable input and inspiration for future policies and good practice in promoting a more equal sharing of leave also among young parents, reducing the obstacles of childbearing and improving the wellbeing of young mothers, fathers and their children.

Updated 8 October 2020