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Apply for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund!

A new call for applications for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund will be arranged in March 2017. If you are interested in applying, now is a good time to initiate collaborations, contact potential partners and start working on your application!

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The Nordic Gender Equality Fund was established by the Nordic gender equality ministers and is administered by NIKK, Nordic Information on Gender. The fund supports projects in which at least three organisations from at least three Nordic countries collaborate to promote gender equality. The funding can be used to arrange conferences, meetings, knowledge projects, networks etc.

Since 2013, around 40 projects have been granted funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund. The projects have resulted in everything from study material to policy proposals and new Nordic networks. In 2016, the total sum granted was DKK 2.7 million.

The purpose of the fund is to stimulate Nordic gender equality cooperation within the framework of the gender equality ministers’ co-operation programme. For the period 2015–2018, the co-operation programme gives special attention to gender equality in the public space and welfare and innovation. There are two cross-cutting themes for the entire co-operation programme: sustainable development with a focus on diversity and men’s and boys’ active participation in the gender equality work.

Gender equality in working life given priority

Gender equality in working life is a prioritised theme in the 2017 call for applications. This means that projects related to this theme will be given priority in the assessment of applications. Examples of such projects include projects focusing on gendered educational choices or discrimination in the labour market. Projects related to the co-operation programme will also be given priority. However, projects unrelated to these prioritised areas may also be granted funding.

Important dates

Applications must be submitted using the special application form that will be made available at as soon as the call opens. The projects must begin in autumn 2017 and end in 2018.

  1. 1 March – Call opens
  2. 31 March – Call closes
  3. May – Funding decisions are communicated to the applicants
  4. June – Contracts are signed

Updated 14 February 2024