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Broad perspective at Nordiskt Forum

The first draft of the program for Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 is now released – New Action on Women’s Rights. Thousands of people together with star academics, top politicians, everyday heroes, researchers, activists, performers, cultural profiles and business leaders are expected to attend Nordiskt Forum in Malmö on 12-15 June, according to a press release from the organisers.

Nordiskt Forum 2014 Logotyp
Nordiskt Forum 2014

– We have had a fantastic response from the civil society, government authorities and individuals. It really feels like we are doing this together. And we are now starting to see the results in the form of a broad, multi-faceted program, says Caroline Matsson, Conference Manager of Nordiskt Forum, in the press release.

The Nordiskt Forum program consists of a number of main tracks: the Arena Program, the Nordic Main Program, a performance art program and a film program, all put together by the organisers, as well as an Open Program that hundreds of other actors are a part of. In addition to the conference program, there is a large area with free admission that offers music, performances, talks, debates, different activities to try out, author talks and a large exhibition area with hundreds of exhibitors.

The Arena Program

You will find your favourites in the Arena Program, Great Actions, Great Ideas – star academics, top politicians, everyday heroes, activists, debaters, performers and cultural profiles – on the big stage. In short and striking speeches, talks and cultural events, you will see and hear good examples of how women’s rights and gender equality are advancing.

– The Arena offers a wide range of names. You will have the chance to see Sofi Oksanen, Catharine MacKinnon, Raewyn Connell, the gender photographer Tomas Gunnarsson, Gudrun Schyman, Alexandra Pascalidou, Soraya Post, Tiina Rosenberg, Birgitta Ohlsson and Kawa Zolfagary, to name a few. All of this together with cultural elements such as music and performance art. It will be a mix of perspectives and experiences that raises questions, brings renewed energy and stimulates all the senses.

The Nordic Main Program

The Nordic Main Program is the ideological core of Nordiskt Forum. Here, challenges in the Nordic countries will be analysed on the basis of the CEDAW Convention and the Beijing Platform for Action. During the four days of the conference, clear demands and proposals for the future will be formulated by the participants, based on the 12 themes of the conference. These will become the backbone of the final document that will be handed over to representatives of the Nordic governments and parliaments at the end of the conference. The Nordic Main Program will be put together by representatives of the Nordiskt Forum organisers, about 200 Nordic women’s organisations.

– The contents of this program are being worked on in the different organiser groups during the spring and the wider public will also have a say. Each theme will be addressed during two program sessions: the first session will consist of an overview of the current situation and the aim of the second session is to look forward and to draft new solutions and strategies.

The Open Program

In the Open Program, civil society organisations, activists, small associations and representatives from the women’s movement as well as representatives of industry, governments authorities, companies, political parties, trade unions, universities and other actors will organise their own program events.

– There has been an incredible push to participate. It is evident that feminism, gender equality and women’s rights are hot topics right now in the Nordic countries. And feminism is quickly becoming a hot topic in the election campaign, which will be noticeable in Malmö. We are now presenting the program events that are already fixed in the open program, four months in advance. There are a number of places left, so those of you who are putting the final touches on an idea or who think that there is something lacking in the existing selection are encouraged to get in touch with us!

Nordiskt Forum will take the pulse of current gender equality policy. The UN has not organised a global conference on gender equality and women’s rights in the past 20 years. The reason behind this is, among other things, that the reactionary tendencies in the world are so strong that there is a clear risk that the rights established at the last conference would be pushed back if the door were opened to new negotiations. The conference program and discussion are based on the CEDAW Convention and the Beijing Platform for Action. The aim is formulate new demands, commitments and strategies that will be turned over to the Nordic governments. Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 is organised by 200 organisations from the Nordic Women’s Movement in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The program will continue to be filled during the spring.

– We have received many requests for different things from Queer Tango to Q&A sessions with politicians in the exhibition area to speed dating for those who want to find mentors. We are working to make all of these things happen. Anyone with something to contribute is encouraged to contact the project Secretariat – all ideas and contributions of work are welcome! There will also be several associated events before and during the week of the conference. In collaboration with Malmö City, we are organising a proper festival with a huge feminist celebration as the highlight on the Saturday evening.

Updated 6 October 2020