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Gender and green growth “the Nordic Way”


“Women and men leave different ecological footprints. They approach environmental issues and sustainability in different ways. Their preferred means of transport vary, as do their general consumption patterns. Moreover, women in the world’s developing countries are affected more severely by climate change and natural disasters than men. These are some of the reasons why the gender dimension is being integrated into all activities forming part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth initiative.” 

So reads the introduction of the article “Green growth is also a gender issue” in the latest issue of the  web magazine “Green Growth the Nordic Way”, issued by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In this issue two areas in which the Nordic countries have played a pivotal role on the world are explored: development and equal rights. The main article, quoted above, focuses on gender issues as an integral part of the focus on green growth.”“The gender perspective needs to be put on the climate change research agenda. We need to understand the situation today and explore ways to benefit more extensively from applying the gender dimension in research. This would promote green growth and gender equality at the same time,” says Kirkegaard”, said Charlotte Kirkegaard in the article, who is working with gender mainstreaming in the Nordic Council of Ministers. Read the article on  Illustration:

Updated 6 October 2020