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Funded projects

Search for projects that have received funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund here. You can choose to display the projects funded in a particular year, or projects that involve a specific subject.

In the search results you can also see how much money the projects received, the cooperating organisations and the projects’ contact persons.

Funded projects (64/64)

Sami women and sustainable development goal 5: Strategies for gender equality

With the objectives of gender equality and diversity in Sápmi, the project aims to develop the gender equality policy for... >>

Young voices for gender equality in the Nordic countries

The project aims to promote young people’s ownership of the gender equality issue as a driving force for a sustainable... >>

Young parents, parental leave and gender equality

The project will produce a Nordic overview of on the socio-economic patterns and cultural aspects of parental leave take-up by young parents.... >>

Nordic cooperation in equality work with a focus on masculinity

The project aims to arrange a panel discussion during 2019 between the editors of sister journals in the various Nordic nations about the situation of Nordic feminism. ... >>

Nordic panel discussion: Feminism and anti-feminism in the Nordic region

To mark the 15th anniversary of the journal Fett, the project aimed to arrange a panel discussion during 2019 between... >>

Research-based knowledge to combat sexual harassment and bullying among children and young people

The project is based on increasing research-based sexual harassment knowledge within organisations working to combat bullying in the Nordic region and Lithuania, and within their target groups. ... >>

Understanding gender inequality among caregivers in aging sector in Nordic countries

The project is aimed at promoting new knowledge that contribute to the enhancement of gender equality among caregivers in the aging sector.... >>

Intra-Nordic workshop on SOGIE refugees

People who flee persecution because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression (SOGIE) constitute a particularly vulnerable group... >>

Feminist and queer solidarities beyond borders

This project aims to establish a cross-national network on women's and LGBT-rights and to develop tools against inequalities in the Nordic region and beyond.... >>

Human trafficking – Why unaccompanied girls and boys become victims of human trafficking

The main purpose of the Nordic-Baltic Network of Policewomen (NBNP) is to focus on why unaccompanied girls and boys, young women and men arriving to the Nordic and Baltic countries become victims of human trafficking. ... >>