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Young parents, parental leave and gender equality

The project will produce a Nordic overview of on the socio-economic patterns and cultural aspects of parental leave take-up by young parents.... >>

Nordic cooperation in equality work with a focus on masculinity

The project aims to arrange a panel discussion during 2019 between the editors of sister journals in the various Nordic nations about the situation of Nordic feminism. ... >>

Nordic panel discussion: Feminism and anti-feminism in the Nordic region

The project aims to arrange a panel discussion during 2019 between the editors of sister journals in the various Nordic nations about the situation of Nordic feminism. ... >>

Research-based knowledge to combat sexual harassment and bullying among children and young people

The project is based on increasing research-based sexual harassment knowledge within organisations working to combat bullying in the Nordic region and Lithuania, and within their target groups. ... >>

Understanding gender inequality among caregivers in aging sector in Nordic countries

The project is aimed at promoting new knowledge that contribute to the enhancement of gender equality among caregivers in the aging sector.... >>

Intra-Nordic workshop on SOGIE refugees

The goal of the workshop is to strengthen our scholarly communities in a way that will address challenges of SOGIE asylum and integration at an intra-Nordic level. ... >>

Feminist and queer solidarities beyond borders

This project aims to establish a cross-national network on women's and LGBT-rights and to develop tools against inequalities in the Nordic region and beyond.... >>

Human trafficking – Why unaccompanied girls and boys become victims of human trafficking

The main purpose of the Nordic-Baltic Network of Policewomen (NBNP) is to focus on why unaccompanied girls and boys, young women and men arriving to the Nordic and Baltic countries become victims of human trafficking. ... >>

Transforming Identities: Exploring changes, tensions and visions in the Nordic region through the prism of identity politics

Transforming Identities brings together scholars, activists, artists and authors to discuss current challenges to democratic participation understandings of diversity, minorities, and solidarity. ... >>

Sexual harassment in the health sector

This project will develop a Nordic network for mapping how Nordic municipalities counteract sexual harassment in the health sector.... >>

Nordic conference on gender equality and diversity within the Fire and Rescue Service

This Nordic conference concerns how to promote gender equality, diversity and social inclusion within the fire and rescue service that reflects the local community demands.... >>

NORA Conference 2019

The conference aims to gather gender researchers from the Nordic region.... >>

Exporting Nordic models of fatherhood, gender egalitarianism and parental leave

This project researches Nordic models of fatherhood and gender equality as hotbeds of welfare innovation and explores to what extent some countries are adapting similar models. ... >>

Equality in isolated labour markets (EQUIL)

The project aims at understanding local strategies and gender roles among men and women living in relatively isolated areas and potentially achieve gender equality.... >>

Deconstructing structural inequality: gender equality in reindeer herding sámi communities

The primary purpose of the project is to develop a network to promote dialogue on gender-specific structural inequality in the reindeer herder communities. ... >>

Co-creating gender equality from classroom to organization: Innovations in Nordic welfare

The project reviews policy and action strategies and methods for addressing organizational challenges in genderequality in a Nordic context.... >>

A Nordic model for youth driven prevention of sexual harassment and violations

The project intends to develop a Nordic model for youth-driven prevention of sexual harassment and violations.... >>

Investigation of harassment and sexual harassment at work

This project will conduct a study to gain more knowledge about effective handling of cases of harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace. ... >>

Men in nursing education

This collaborative project between two gender equality centres and two universities looks at the underrepresentation of men in nursing in the Nordic countries. ... >>

Gender equal parenting – equal work life

The project wants to influence decision-makers in the Nordic countries to drive the development forward in terms of equal parenting, and to help achieve the goals of equal opportunities for care, power and influence for women and men in the Nordic countries.... >>

Gender equality in workplace-based learning in the Nordic countries

The purpose of this project is to highlight good examples, identify success factors, and provide tools for change to schools and workplaces. ... >>

Enhancing labour opportunities for women in the Nordic Countries

This comparative study between three small or medium-sized cities in the Nordic countries is aiming to identify and share best practices to improve labour market integration amongst immigrant women.... >>

An equal and diverse forestry industry in the Nordic region

The Project gathered representatives from the four organisations to a three-day seminar to discuss how we can achieve closer co-operation between the Nordic countries. The seminar resulted in a plan for a long-term co-operation.... >>

A care-crisis in the women-friendly welfare states?

The project aims to discuss the status of care work in the Nordic welfare states in the light of the neo-liberal turn in politics, and moreover, what this means for gender equality.... >>

Increase the gender equality in Nordic film

This project aimed to look closer at the gender equality in the production of Swedish, Danish and Icelandic films. The results were presented and discussed in connection with seminars and outreach activities on gender equality in Nordic film. ... >>

YouthEQ 2017 – Nordic gender equality conference with a focus on youth

By means of a Nordic conference, this project wanted to stimulate sharing of knowledge and experiences in the Nordic region and ultimately the adoption of joint strategies for gender equality in youth activities. ... >>

Nordic network against sexism and hate speech

This project has establish a new Nordic network focusing on sexism and online hate speech.... >>

Nordic MenEngage conference – Making the invisible visible

The main activity of this project was a Nordic MenEngage conference. NGOs and actors working with boys and men shared and spread knowledge on how to work practically with boys and men to stop violence against girls, women and others.... >>

Confronting gendered violence: Focus on perpetrators

The project partners organized a conference in cooperation with the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of ministers.... >>

Women in Nordic film history

In this project, coordinated by Stockholm University, research and memory institutions collaborated in approaching the history of Nordic film cultures... >>

Women in the Police

The main purpose of the NBNP project “Women in the Police” is to focus on gender equality and diversity in... >>

Full rights for girls in the Nordic countries

The organisations behind this project are troubled by the increasingly harsh climate in society where alarming reports about the vulnerability... >>

The future of feminisms in the Nordic region

The ambition of the project was to gain knowledge about the central challenges faced by feminist movements and about how best to deal with these challenges.... >>

WIFT Nordic

WIFT Nordic Network wants to empower women to reach their goals, raise awareness of what the gender representation looks like in Nordic film and TV production and change systematic structures. ... >>

Online violence against women in the Nordic region

This project aimed to document how online violence against women is expressed in Iceland, Denmark and Norway. ... >>

Violence among young couples

The aim with the conference was to develop shared recommendations and guidelines for the future Nordic cooperation, with a particular focus on how intimate partner violence among young couples affects both the victim and the perpetrator.... >>

Project Ad Watch

The project included a review of the Nordic laws against sexist advertising and suggestions for improvements of regulations and implementations were provided to Nordic ministers.... >>

Redefining Nordic feminism

The aim of the project was to establish a Nordic network of anti-racist feminists and create a platform for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences. ... >>

Nordic practices for schools and preschools

This project aimed to provide staff training in equality and diversity for educational professionals. ... >>

Nordic gender equality policy in a Europeanisation perspective

This project explored to what extent the Nordic countries have served as exporters of gender equality policy since the 1990s, as well as how much they have had to adapt to international decisions in the same period.... >>

Reinforced cooperation among Nordic women’s centres

The project aimed to arrange the annual Nordic Women Against Violence conference in 2014.... >>

Sexism in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry

In this project, relevant Nordic trade unions joined forces to review the research in the area of sexual harassment at work and share best practices.... >>

Nordic gender equality policy

The project aimed to create a platform for long-term sharing of experiences among researchers, practitioners and politicians at the Nordic level. ... >>

Nordic gender equality certification in education

The project resulted in a report proposing concrete certification criteria and presenting examples of successful work, which also facilitated further development of existing efforts.... >>

NORA conference: Voices in Nordic gender research

The purpose of the project was to arrange a conference to enable Nordic researchers and others with an interest in gender research to share the latest studies and findings.... >>

Men Engage network

The purpose of this project was to create a Nordic network for gender equality-promoting organisations targeting men and masculinities.... >>

Gender equality and the law

The purpose of this project was to address issues related to gender equality policy in the Nordic region and to review the role of courts in the promotion of gender equality.... >>

Gendered violence – Nordic-Baltic dialogue

The project Gendered Violence – Nordic-Baltic Dialogue aimed to establish Nordic-Baltic police cooperation focusing on the work against trafficking, men’s violence against women and men’s violence against other men. ... >>

Establishing a Nordic mentoring network

This project aimed to develop a network where different models could be discussed and further developed.... >>

Gender equality education in upper secondary school

The project A Gender Equal Nordic Region aimed to take advantage of the engagement and knowledge that the Nordic Forum resulted in, with the target group consisting of adolescents in upper secondary school.... >>

Exit prostitution

The project Exit Prostitution aimed to gather knowledge from the support efforts that were made in the Nordic-Baltic region.... >>

Economic Gender Equality in the Nordic Region

The project raised the level of knowledge about Nordic gender inequality among policymakers, authorities and actors in civil society. ... >>

Resolution 1325 in the Nordic region

The project aimed to promote networking between different Nordic actors and to introduce a broader audience to issues related to women, peace and security.... >>

RC19: Nordic gender equality policy

The project arranged a panel discussion at the conference Comparative Perspectives on Political Science and Gender. ... >>

Post 2015 – What happens next?

The purpose of this project was to promote a Nordic dialogue on the most important future challenges in 2014, in a seminar at Nordic Forum.... >>

Nordic network against sex trade

The organisations that participated in the project gained increased knowledge about prostitution in the Nordic region and are continuing the work.... >>

Nordic media activism and journalism

The purpose of the project was to plan and hold seminars at Nordic Forum, and also to network to stimulate the media-critical debate in the Nordic and Baltic regions. ... >>

Power handbook

The project produced a power handbook, written by women subject to racialisation, and presented specific experiences from the different countries.... >>

Gender mainstreaming at the local level

The project documented gender mainstreaming efforts in Nordic municipalities and county councils, with an aim to further improve the quality of the Nordic gender mainstreaming efforts.... >>

Gender equality, transport and climate

The purpose of the project was to enable researchers from different Nordic countries to bring attention to research on gender and transport.... >>

Gender equality work with youth

The project was launched to address the need for a gender equality focus in work with children and adolescents.... >>

Gender perspectives and climate in the Arctic

The project formed a research network with an aim to stimulate dialogue and strengthen the cooperation between researchers from different universities. ... >>

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